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    websitepanel restriction and role creation

    i have 2 issue with wsp :
    1. i want restrict serveradmin user to ip for example only and can only login to wsp with serveradmin account (means restrict only serveradmin account to ip) is there any way for do this?
    2. when i create reseller role customer that customer can create again customer reseller role? is there any way prevent user form creating reseller role customer?

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    The first solution my be directly done from the IIS access restriction feature. (if not possible in websitepanel)

    The second one is a website panel feature and cannot be bypassed
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    There is no way you can do that currently in WebSitePanel, you could easily code it in though, although the source code is currently on v2.1 and there are a few core changes compared to v2.0 so you need to deploy it from source properly as it will kill your installation if you just copy compiled dll's...
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