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    Where to put nginx_client folder ?


    I'm using nginxcp on one of our dedicated server.

    The server config has 2x240GB SSD HW RAID 1 and 2x2TB 7200 rpm HW RAID 1.

    The SSD array has the OS on it (/ is mounted here) and the SATA array is only for /home .

    We're having some issues with nginxcp filling up /tmp ( /tmp size is 2 GB ), in the folder nginx_client.

    My question is this: Where should we move the nginx_client to? Should we keep it on the SSD array or simply make a folder for it in /home ?

    We're looking at both speed and security.


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    I don't have any direct experience with nginxcp. But if the "nginx_client" path is hard coded, it will be difficult to change it from the application level. Perhaps you can create a symlink for /tmp/nginx_client pointing to /home/nginx_client? Just a suggestion...await more responses!!

    Still I am wondering why it is so aggressive to fill 2GB space!

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