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    concern - what to do?

    I own a decided server (not for hosting business) and host a domain for a friend's friend as a favor. The domain does not have a site associated with it but just has an email account which is forwarded to a yahoo mail account. Recently the owner of the email account noticed emails could not be sent and asked me to take a look as the root admin of the server. While examining the problem, I read one message out of curiosity and was deeply concerned by the content of the email. Should I just keep it to myself or report to someone? If I tell someone, will it put me in some difficult situation? Your advice is appreciated.
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    Like you wrote, the owner of the account noticed emails are not being sent. Who's to say he wasn't hacked? Maybe the hacker is disturbed by this person's emails and notifies the authorities anonymously. Hint, hint!

    You know sending an anonymous email to the authorities could also result in you being investigated.
    You could also get sued by this person using your server, even if he or she is in the wrong.

    For the future, don't ever do favors for a friend of a friend. Maybe your friend is in on this.
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    If you and this person are at different locations, like another state or country, he or she may not be able to sue you if you told the authorities in person. Laws are different everywhere.

    You should seek legal assistance.

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    Does whatever you read has to do with illegal activities? If so you should maybe talk about it with your friend in the first place.

    If it is nothing illegal just forgot about you don't have to worry about anything. Also do you have a written proof that the owner of the account asked you to have a look at the problem? If yes you don't have much to worry about. The fact you read one email was part of the troubleshooting and testing.

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    It Should like your should seek legal advice, depending on the if it is has something to do with illegal.

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    I would keep it to myself, put yourself in their shoes, would you be alright with them reading your private messages?

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