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    * What's the best and most up-to-date SEO course out there?

    Looking to learn the latest google approved techniques and tricks. I know a bit of SEO but Id like to , in a distant future, do the SEO for myself. Whats the best tutorial or course or whatever, to really get into the latest google updates and linkbuilding techniques?

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    I would recommend reading:

    Google SEO Started Guide:

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    is that pretty basic stuff or more advanced?
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    Google Webmaster Guidelines is a good start if you want to have the most accurate SEO learning sources.
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    Some of the best learning you'll get from simple trial-and-error. No matter what others tell you the results may not always be applicable to all web sites.

    Although time-consuming, you'll at least have a feel for what works with your site (and what doesn't). Just watch your analytics and try to track some type of metric for success.
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    What is it you are wanting to learn about, if you want to do more advanced?

    Maybe have a google, this will pull in plenty of stuff, depends what you are trying to do but use google analytics for a start and generally the aim of seo is making web pages friendly, backlinks, blog posting and targeting keywords
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    I think you have to subscribe to famous seo blogs like searchengineland, searchenginewatch, searchenginejournal and seo moz. You will each and every update from these four blog.
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    thanks guys, but talking about paid courses now exclusively, which'll teach you tricks and inside information, whats the best and most updated out there?
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    I think Google webmaster starter guide 2012-2013 is best for guidance.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MonteVesubio View Post
    Looking to learn the latest google approved techniques and tricks. Whats the best tutorial or course or whatever, to really get into the latest google updates and linkbuilding techniques?
    In regards to your question, it would be the course of wisdom to check out Google's Official Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide.

    Another tutorial that I found very helpful is the "How Search Engines Work" which is a well written guide provided by Seo Moz

    With regards to link building techniques you might want to check out "131 (Legitimate) Link Building Strategies" which is a well written informative article done by Search Engine Watch.

    Hopefully the information and links posted above will assist you in your endeavors to learn the latest google approved techniques and tricks.
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    You can visit also Amazon. There you can find many well documented books about SEO. I recommend especially new books appeared in 2013-2014.
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