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    Installation on SolusVM slave AND master

    The candidates for this will have to perform the following:

    Install SolusVM Slave on a dedicated server
    Create an OpenVZ container on this same server
    Install SolusVM in previously created container

    Finally must create a XEN-PV container

    This is all to be done on a Centos 6.5 system, the server is from OVH.

    Either post your contact information or send a pm

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    Are you trying to run openVZ container and Xen-pv container on the same node?
    - W4 Networks

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    What I want in the end is to be able to create XEN pv containers on my server I want to split it in 3-4 VPS containers.

    But from what I've read, you can only create XEN containers on slaves thus I need to install the slave, then create a container to host the Master AND then with the creation of a volume group I can create my XEN containers.... But I can be wrong, I'm new to the VPS realm.

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    PM me and I can do this for you, if you like.

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    Hi, we can help you out with this if you still need help. We have more then 9 years of experience. You can contact us via Live Chat on our website, Skype LayerHosting, or email support[at]layersolutions[dot]net. Thanks
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    sent PM with the offer
    Sam - Expertise in Windows/Linux server support, IaaS and PaaS Management - Custom Software Development
    Email: exec @ | Skype: unni_active

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    Hi Frankky,

    Please check your pm.


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    I can do this for you. PM with your offer

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    We've done hundreds of these, check us out

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