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    Multiple Raid on Cointroller performance

    I currently have a server which I want to rack as soon as possible for a few of my projects and live sites.

    For this box, I can use

    a) 4x 15kRPM 300gb Seagate drives
    b) 8x 7200rpm Constellation 1TB drives
    c) 4x 15kRPM 300gb Seagates AND 4x 7200 Constellation 1tb drives

    I wanted to know if using option C would cause any issues, by having two different raid 10 configurations on the same controller. Would I be losing performance, or would it not really affect it?

    Any input is appreciated.

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    With a modern SAS controller, you'll have no problem maxing out 8 hard drives. The fastest 15K HDs can do up to about 200MB/s. A 6Gbps SAS controller (or RAID card) can handle about 600MB/s per channel. Even if you're using a backplane with a single wide (4-channel) port, you'll still have plenty of bandwidth left over.

    Depending on what you're using the server for, you may want to consider using SSDs instead of 15K HDs. You could get a good 160GB SSD for the same price or cheaper than the 300GB 15K drive, but much, much better random IOPS performance. The Intel DC S3500 is designed for servers, and is very reasonably priced.
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