Hi there, I have a quite powerful search tool called search_short_domains and just released the newest version 1.6.0. It is allowing to search for short domains like:

LLL.tld, NNN.tld, CCC.tld, LL.tld, NN.tld, LLLL.tld, NNNNN.tld

and also for combinations like a-a-a.tld, b-b b.tld, c-c.tld, etc.
also prefix/postfix definition is possible so one can search all domains like LL24.tld, love-N.tld etc.
It is EXTREMLY fast - could check a space like aaa-zzz (over 18000 domains) within 30 sec!!!

It makes life much easier. Because it starts in terminal I can also run many searches at one time. In combination with little scripts I write it turns out to be really powerful.

It also supports now:
  • pending delete lists
  • email alerts (out of the box on Mac/Linux, on Win. with command line email client)
  • a tool to "watch" any specified list of domains if they drop
  • manual configuration of some potential new TLDs

People who used this tool rated it 10/10.
Here is a link: http://www.1-single-letter-domains.c...l/private_demo