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    Named high cpu usage

    Guys, if anyone can help me.

    My named is giving more than 100% CPU utilization. Would anyone help me in solving this problem?

    Thank you!

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    Are you on a managed VPS? Have you contacted your provider about this?

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    I am in usage in my work. But whenever I start named, it now rises processing.

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    Any tips to solve this problem?

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    Is this on your home or work computer or a website/domain?

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    It is in my work, a domain.

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    Are you (accidentally) running an open resolver?
    There's no such thing as an unmanaged server - It's actually self-managed. Worth remembering next time you're looking for someone to complain to.
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    I do not know, can you help me identify it open?
    This is the result of research on my ip!
    Open Resolver Search Results for
    自動アクセスの場合は、電子メールを [email protected] へください
    Data updated weekly. E-Mail the project for per-ASN reports
    IP Queried Responding IP (if different) time_t RCODE Recursion Available Correct Answer Provided 1390698567 0 1 1 1390703530 0 1 1 1390725343 0 1 1 1390725722 0 1 1

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