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    * Trademark and copyright issue

    I have had my domain website to sell some used stuffs with no issues, but I received a trademark and copyright violation and a $495 bill for fine yesterday. According the letter, SIIA says I was selling the forfeit products on my website. I actually sold two used adobe which I purchase a long time ago on the adobe distribution. What should I do now? Also they sent me a affidavit letter too? Than you so much

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    Where are you located? It depends on your jurisdiction as to what your rights with regards to used software.
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    IANAL nor do I pretend to be one online - Seek Appropriate Legal advice ASAP.
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    Are you sure it wasn't a SPAM
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    I recommend you consult a lawyer working with computer issues.

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    Is this who sent you the complaint.... cause they seem like a RIAA just harassing people for money. I would not pay and tell them to shove it where the sun doesn't shine.

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    I am also saying gilbert correct about this
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    Adobe licenses are non transferable without prior written permission. Additionally, advertising these products that are older than what is on the market or at a "discount" is also against their TOS.

    Transferring Licenses: If you want to make money off of these types of products you would be better served in their affiliate program.
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