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    Looking for Finnish provider VPS

    Hi all, i am looking for finnish vps.

    These are the features:
    Vps Linux
    256/512 Mb Ram
    The size of the HD are not important (10-20-30 gb)
    Allow irc (only client irc, not ircd)
    Subnet ipv6 native Finnish
    one Ipv4

    Prices: 15-30 euro monthly.

    Do you help me?

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    Do you have a preferred set location? Also any type of certain operating system or flavor your looking for. And what about virtualization? There's xen , open vz, solusvm , and a fair of other amounts.

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    NO,just that the data center is in finland and has ipv6 subnet / 64 or / 48 native

    Os: Debian, Ubuntu, CentOs

    I have no problems on virtualization. Xen preferable.

    The essentials are: Finnish native IPv6 subnet, allowa irc client (no ircd) and the price between 20 and 30 Euros per month.

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    As you are specifically looking for hosting service in the Finland, so I think following two URLs will give you more information to make the selection.

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