CoreCloud is CoreSpace’s complete cloud management system designed with all of the latest cloud services including an integrated SAN, global CDN, DNS, load balancing, autoscaling and much more. Built on a Dell infrastructure, the CoreCloud will deliver! It’s time for you to discover the versatility the CoreCloud system offers and watch the productivity of your business soar to global heights!!

In short, the CoreCloud gives you access to all of your important data right over the internet without having to be a System Administrator or tech guru! CoreCloud keeps it simple…leave it to us to manage all the technical behind the scenes work. Like using the power company, you expect to flip on your light switch and voila…light! You don’t worry about how it works; you just depend on it being there for you when you need it.

Get the resource pools you need to deploy one VM or several! Production/Testing/Development!!!

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3 CPUs (Up to 3 VMs)
150 GB HD
3 TB Bandwidth
3 IPs (1 per VM)

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5 CPUs (Up to 5 VMs)
250 GB HD
5 TB Bandwidth
5+1 IPs (1 per VM)

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10 CPUs (Up to 10 VMs)
500 GB HD
10 TB Bandwidth
10+1 IPs (1 per VM)

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First Customers get 50% off for the life of your account!!!! please contact sales

CoreCloud transforms businesses!

Reliability - Backed by the CoreSpace network!

Scalability – Increase your resources on the fly!

Accessibility – From your desktop, laptop or Smart Phone!

Flexibility- No constraints. Build what you need when you need it!

Cost - So much less expensive than standard dedicated server service models. No hidden costs!

24x7x365 CoreSpace Support via Phone and Email
• Premium Bandwidth from Multiple Tier 1 providers.
• Fully owned CoreSpace Data Centers
• 24/7/365 monitoring
• 100% Network Up-time Guarantee

Fully owned facility, Free 24/7/365 Access Great Support