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    Can a addon domain harm anything?

    So a few of my customers have asked me to allow them to create a addon domain for their hosting. But can it harm anything if i do it?

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    What do you mean by harm?

    If their addon domain runs software that gets hacked, then yes, it could interfere with the rest of their account. Other than that, there really isn't a lot of harm in allowing customers to use addon domains.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Patrick View Post
    What do you mean by harm?

    If their addon domain runs software that gets hacked, then yes, it could interfere with the rest of their account. Other than that, there really isn't a lot of harm in allowing customers to use addon domains.
    So i can easily allow them to create 5 addon domains without problems?

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    I've never had an issue. Some customers may charge other people to host with their account which could add support costs. Also if someone managed to steal a domain they could point it at your server.

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    Sure ... allow as many as you want.
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    Thank you very much guys.

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    Hosting companies uses Addon domain name as a hosting feature, like:
    Plan A -> No Addon domain
    Plan B -> 5 Addon domains
    Plan C -> Unlimited Addon domains.

    You can use this to customize different package you offer to your customers. There is no harm in addon domains.
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    Addon domain wont do any harm unless it is hacked. This is very good feature that was introduced to web hosting environment. We dont need to buy separate accounts for each domain as multiple domain can be added as addon domain which is really cost effective method.

    In the case of cpanel; while adding an addon domain, it will create a subdomain with same name. One issue that you will be facing for addon domain would be SSL installation, though we can do that, but it little bit complex procedure.

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    Unless what they are creating is hacked you shouldn't see any harm by giving your customer the option to create them. That is something very common to allow customers to have. Do you not give your clients this option to have on their accounts?
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    Addon domains have no harm at all if they did then I think it wouldn't be a feature for cpanel or web hosting at all.

    It's just a feature some hosts limit and done don't. It depends on either if you want to limit them or not but it wouldn't do anything bad at all to let them make a few. You need to be carful giving a lot of disk and bandwidth with Addon domains because if you do so then with Addon domains it means that's how many sites they can have. Also having Addon domains gives the client the opportunity to go and give it sell hosting space to a friend or random person on the internet .

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    Addon domains are just additional sites, and shouldn't be looked down upon. It really depends on whether you want to limit the customers in regards to how many websites they can host under one account. I recommend to my customers that the addon domains are not added to the public_html directory, as then they are accessible by the main account.

    I.E. your main domain is
    and your addon domain is
    and you make the addon domain directory /secondsite
    you can access the addon domain via...

    Unless you go in and prevent if via .htaccess, but it'll work out of the box

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    The addon domain feature is a vital part of the shard hosting because addon domain allows client to host multiple domains under the single hosting accounts, if you want to secure the server than simply install the Cloudlinux on your server with cagefs, so that no single hosting account can access other hosting accounts files.
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