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    * OVH dedicated servers which one to pick?

    Hi, im fairly new to dedicated servers although i have had 2 in the past. But when i have ordered or picked a server in the past i just get a list of dedicated servers with the specs, but with OVH i find it confusing as they have options for dedicated servers being.

    Enterprise, Hosting, Infrastructure.

    I do not really know what's the difference between them as they are near enough the same price.

    Any way I spent all last night trying to pick one as i do not want to make the wrong decision due to the large set-up fee.

    And i could not come to a decision as all servers seem basically near enough the same but with Infrastructure you get some extra bonus features included i think?

    Could any one help me out here please.

    Bit of info about what i need the server for: I run a music website that allows people to download albums and mp3s by artists who are signed up to my site.
    Also i have another site with funny videos.


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    You can start with Hosting category.
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    what is your need? i mean why you need server? how much resource you need? calculate that. then check the list of servers. you should know how much cpu,ram,hard disk,bandwidth you need. compare them with the listed servers in ovh. and as you are new. you should avoid ovh and go with a managed provider unless you are low in budget.

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