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Thread: dogs forum

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    dogs forum

    Selling dogsforum[dot]net

    what's included:
    1) Forum with more than 200 posts made. (these are paid posters to get things started)
    2) Dog training blog with 19 unique articles written!
    3) Twitter account connected to forum - every time new post is made in forum, it's also posted in twitter with link to forum Automatically! Also there is 17 followers - not much but they are real followers, not forced or paid.
    4) Facebook page with beautiful, cover
    5) 50$ free facebook credits for advertising!
    6) Unique, vector format logo
    7) Dogs supplies shop - you can create your own amazon affiliate store and just replace my affiliate links with yours and earn commission each time you generate sale. I will tell you how to do this if needed.

    Forum is quite new, so expect no traffic
    Domain registered at namecheap - free push to your account
    Site runs on joomla cms, so it is easy to manage site.

    Bin 215$
    I'm open for offers, so you can place bids here, but please note that auction is running also in digitalpoint forum and current highest bid is 110$

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    Can you please also post the auction end date and acceptable payment methods? We need those to be stated, per the announcement at the top of this section.
    There's no such thing as an unmanaged server - It's actually self-managed. Worth remembering next time you're looking for someone to complain to.
    DATA VALUATION SERVICE: Your data's value is linked directly to your backup strategy. If YOU don't have your own backups then YOU value your data at ZERO. So why should anyone else care when you lose it?

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    sorry, yes auction ends in 6 days, 19h from now.
    Payment methods accepted is paypal and skrill

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