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    Billing solution for simple VPS company (with auto-provisioning)

    Hello my WHT friends,

    I've been a lurker for awhile but am very grateful for everyone's help on all the post. I've seen countless threads that have helped me in many different situations!

    Now onto the meat. I am looking for a solution for running a small niche VPS shop.

    We have a software product that runs on Windows and want to start selling individual instances.

    We would have only 3 different "packages", something like:

    1) 2 gigs of ram, 2 cores
    2) 4 gigs of ram, 4 cores
    3) 8 gigs of ram, 8 cores

    What we'd like to be able to do, is have our customers select a package, have the VM auto provisioned, pick a physical host (based on availability of resources possibly?), and pick an IP out of a bucket, and have their credentials sent to them automatically. Once provisioned, the client really doesn't need to install anything, like IIS, wordpress, etc. No additional "modules" or provisioning would be needed except for simple reboots.

    We've been looking at a lot of platforms, and are seriously considering hostbill - even considering their lack of support, their feature set and videos look like exactly what we need.

    Thank you again, WHT, for the unparalleled knowledge and hospitality!

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    hostbill should be fine but is diffucult to do change on templates.

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