Create a new revenue stream by reselling our industry leading cloud services under your own brand offering fast Cloud Server deployment in 20 locations, across three different continents with full automation.

Are you a web hosting provider or reseller who is looking to branch out and offer new services? Are you keen to increase your product range but avoid the huge expensive hardware outlays and concerns? Are you looking to offer a seamless experience under your own brand? Then we have the perfect reseller solution for you!
With the VPS.NET Reseller package, you can begin selling your own line of cloud hosting products today.

VPS.NET is one of the largest, and most well established cloud hosting companies available, with nearly 4 years experience, and the backing of the UK2Group VPS.NET has launched over 200,000 servers in 20 locations worldwide!

How does it work?
Our VPS reseller package is sold in nodes. Nodes are little building blocks of resources that you can combine in different ways to create VPS that you can sell on to your customers. Each node provides 1.2 GHZ of CPU, 512 MB of RAM, 10 GB of Storage and a whopping 1TB of Bandwidth. If you purchase 5 nodes, you could combine all 5 nodes to create a VPS with 6 GHZ CPU, 2560 MB of RAM, 50GB of Storage and 5TB of Bandwidth, or you could create 5 smaller VPS servers. We also offer smaller nodes that provide 25GB storage or 512Mb RAM, so you can add key resources to a particular server. This flexible system gives our resellers greater freedom to customise their own line of VPS products, while keeping their costs down by only using the resources they require.

Full Automation
If you are already using a billing system such as WHMCS, Blesta, CannyBill or Hostbill, we have ready built modules that will allow you to completely automate your billing process using our API, saving you time and money so you can focus on your business. We even offer the ability to manage your VPS (and your customers) servers directly from the WHMCS/HostBill control panels.

What are the advantages of reselling VPS.NET?
1. Resell our cloud server nodes at a discounted rate.
2. 20 locations to sell from across 3 different continents.
3. Save time and money with Full Automation via our powerful API or use one of the modules available for use including WHMCS, HostBill, Blesta and CannyBill.
4. Over 100 prebuilt Operating System templates available for super fast deployment including CentOS, Ubuntu, Windows and much more. This also includes JumpBox templates for the most popular web apps including WordPress, Magento and Joomla amongst others.
5. Create, store and deploy your own server templates for your customers to use.
6. Free SSL Certificates - use yourself to give your website extra security and credibility, or can be resold to customers.
7. CDN reseller opportunities available.
8. No monthly service charges.
9. Reseller-exclusive features and discounts.

How do I get started?
You can find more information and sign up to become a VPS.NET reseller. Terms and conditions apply, see website for more details.