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    Best way to transfer clients to a new server

    Hi guys,

    I have currently outgrown my server and have ordered and prepared the new server for production.

    I need a way to transfer the clients over smoothly. This is my plan so far:

    - Customers have already been pre-notified of the server transition

    - Tomorrow morning 28/01/2014, Send a mass email reminding customers that a server transition has been booked for today and to avoid making changes to files and databases between set times mentioned in prior emails

    - Copy clients accounts from server to server using the whm transfer tool

    - Change ip addresses for ns records

    - done

    A problem i found with this idea is that when i do copy the files over with the express function, cPanel will create a htaccess file which will show a cpanel default page and their sites wont load until the dns updates

    A solution is not to use the xpress function and let them migrate themselves?

    Then theres the issue of possible database loss etc

    whats your experience with this, any suggestions that would help/improve my current idea?

    Many thanks guys

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    Quote Originally Posted by whfm View Post
    - Change ip addresses for ns records
    You should also inform customers new server IP. Few customers may be using A-record or CloudFlare.

    A problem i found with this idea is that when i do copy the files over with the express function, cPanel will create a htaccess file which will show a cpanel default page and their sites wont load until the dns updates
    Do not terminate account on old server for next 24-48 hours after transfer. So, if any domain is pointing to old server, it will open website from old server.
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    Good idea on the IPS, i never thought of that. Thank you

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    Should be doing a mass-update of DNS records and setting the DNS TTL to a low value ( I usually pick 5 minutes) at around 72 hours before you start the account migrations to the new server...

    This minimizes downtime if there are dns issues that need addressing when you do the migration.
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    Thanks for posting the tips. I'm close to doing the same and it's good to see other best practices.


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    Depending upon how many clients you have and how familiar you are with what they are hosting and how in depth of assistance / support / design you provide nothing beats a manual transfer, especially in the case they are running sites such as forums or others with actively updated databases.

    Personally, I would move an active site with a changing database by disabling the site, dumping the database, importing the DB to the new server and then configuring the script on the old server to use the database on the new server.

    Once that is done, copy the files to the new server, change the DNS, and wait 24-72 hours and then suspend the account on the old server. Assuming you hear no complaints you are finished.

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    It is good to use cpanel multiple account transfer for server migrations. Once it is completed, you can verify the transferred accounts.

    If everything is transferred, inform your clients about the transfer and specify the exact time. Modify the TTL values for all the domain and perform final rsync of home and db , so that everything would be updated.

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