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    As I can change text - name of web server

    Good afternoon to everyone.

    I have a unmanaged vps, I installed this script centmin

    when I do a whois on my IP I see the name of the script on the server stats of

    see this image.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    my question is, how can I change this text in my unmanaged vps.?

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    add an index.html page?

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    This is stored in a config file somewhere, but I'm unsure which for nginx through centmin.

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    someone pointed me to this thread as Centmin Mod project is my baby

    solution for anyone reading is to edit and change these 2 variables

    CUSTOMSERVERSTRING='nginx centminmod'

    to use default Nginx server name set CUSTOMSERVERNAME='n' and recompile Nginx server via menu option #4

    to change the custom string, leave CUSTOMSERVERNAME='y' and just change CUSTOMSERVERSTRING='nginx centminmod' and then recompile Nginx server via menu option #4

    Or make such variable changes BEFORE running menu option #1 to install Centmin Mod
    : Nginx Installer (Nginx 1.11, PHP-FPM 5.4-5.6 & 7.0, MariaDB 10 + ngx_pagespeed + HTTP2 + lua) for CentOS 6 & 7
    : Centmin Mod .09 beta - Nginx HTTP/2+ Letsencrypt Free SSL (beta testing) support

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