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    Opinions of Hosting & Designs L.L.C?

    This company (Hosting & Designs L.L.C) posts a lot in the offers section, but I could not find any reviews. Does anyone have an experience they would like to share? It sounds like their low end dedicated server plan is something that might work for a small business like mine which is:

    - Single domain, so would not host/resell multiple sub-domains

    - Prefer dedicated because you never know what kind of neighbors you are going to get on shared

    - Prefer managed with cPanel and support since this is what I am used to and don't have the skills to manage myself

    - We are a software company, so ability to manage downloads, do online e-commerce (low volume), and provide customer support are important. Should mostly be standard web stuff.

    If anyone knows of any other reliable companies that would fit this bill, please let me know.

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    What is your specific budget on this? About the company you mentioned, did you try to search it here already?
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    On budget, I would like to keep it under $100 a month.

    I did search for the company, but all I saw were ads. Is there a way to search a specific Forum section? I could not find it.

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    I did try the 'exclude advertising' option on my search, but it shows ads anyway. However, it did cut the number of ads down somewhat and I see a similar question was asked last October with no response.

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