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    Website Host & Transaction help

    I plan on slowly getting into making websites for customers. I use Godaddy as my hosting service for my website but if and when I make a websites, should I use a different hosting service? If so which company?
    How can I move on with the transaction?
    (when making an account with a hosting company you need a credit/debit card, I only have one card and it's already in use for my account. After I finish the website I will give the host user/pass to the customer but I don't want my card # on it so should I set him up to create the account?)

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    Here's the best way to do this - and I'd suggest sending an e-mail to the host you are thinking of using, to check they're happy to work this way.

    1. You want to build a new website for a new customer. It's best to set up a new account with a host for this. That way, their new site is totally untangled from any of the other sites you manage, and it's easy to transfer the site into their own name. So ...
    2. Log into your host's client area and sign up for a new package. It's in your name, and you build the site. You pay for it with your card.
    3. When your client is ready to transfer the site into their own name, ask the host to transfer management of that package to a new account in their client area that is in the name of your client. They will then be responsible for settling any future bills, so make sure that the account is fully settled first, and (to be nice to your client) don't do it the day before the host will raise the next monthly invoice!
    4. They're on their own. But look after them through the transfer - it will help your reputation as a designer. Make sure that you give them all the login details for the hosting control panel, that they know how to raise a support ticket with the host, and so on.

    Done this way, your credit card would only be used to pay the invoices while you're building the site. After that, your client would need to supply their own payment details.

    Two more things:

    With step 3, expect the host to be quite cautious to verify that everything is as it seems. They will (or at least, should) be wary of two scenarios. (i) You try to disown a website by handing it over to someone else, who does not even realise what they're taking on. (ii) Someone else tries to steal control of one of your websites by claiming that they're a client of yours, when in fact they're just after the keys to the website and they've made up the story. So there should be some element of the host making sure that both of you can verify what's going on, and also ensuring that your client has read and agreed the terms of hosting.

    The other thing: Which host? I've never used GoDaddy - but I've read a lot of horror stories on forums like this. So read around and tread carefully. I'd research the choice of host quite carefully if I were you. If you start to do this, but hand over your clients to a bad and unsupportive host, it will reflect badly on you and on your services. So I'd choose a host who will be patient with our clients - who may know little about web hosting or design - so that you know your clients are being handed over to get the very best service.

    Some hosts may offer an affiliate scheme where you benefit for the referral. But that should be way down your priority list - compared to making sure that your clients get the best service possible. I hope that helps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OakHosting_James View Post
    Here's the best way to do this - and I'd suggest sending an e-mail to the host you are thinking of using, to check they're happy to work this way.
    Thank you very much for that post. Everything I wanted to know
    I'm currently looking for good hosting companies.

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    It also depends if you are going to bill your client for hosting services or let them pay directly to the hosting provider?

    If you are going to bill your client separately, you can get a reseller account. This way you can create hosting accounts for your clients and bill them for the hosting services.

    Each client will have their own username/password to their hosting account to manage their own account.

    You can do this with a cPanel/WHM reseller account. Since you already have a GoDaddy account, you can just order their reseller account at:

    That should get you going.
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    jrianto is correct - a reseller account would give you another way to do this.

    However be aware that your ongoing role is different, and you need to be clear how you want things to run.

    The approach I outlined would leave your client responsible for their website after you've handed it over. They pay the bills. They ask the host for support.

    The reseller account leaves you responsible for your clients site. You have to continue to pay the host, and the client has to continue to pay you. If support is needed (say, you think MySQL is not working on their account for some reason), you'd have to ask the host to help, not your client. You'd be a go-between. If the client uses their website to send spam, your host would pass you the complaints, and you'd have to handle it within a reasonable timeframe - suspending your client's site if needs be.

    There's money to be made in reselling hosting - if you want that as an extra on your finished sites. But it's not money for nothing - you have quite a few extra responsibilities.

    And I'd still urge caution with Go Daddy

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    Thanks Oak + jrianto.
    Ill be using Oaks method.
    If something happens to the website 2 years down the road like getting hacked, I do not want to be the person that is liable.

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    If you are happy with your provider now then you can just get a reseller account and have the customer pay you directly or maybe even have the customer sign up with your provider directly and that way you don't have to be liable like you said you didn't want to. I suggest speaking with your provider and see what can be done and I'm sure there is something they can work out with you to help you in this situation.

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