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    Exclamation Needing some help.

    So I'm a newbie web designer and I'm starting to get to know everything. I have been creating a template for my website and now I need to insert login/register form. But I don't wanna do it like the old way opening a new html insterting the code there etc...
    You probably know serversfree that is serversfree(dot)com if you click sign up free at the top it creates a pop-up showing the registration form!
    I wanna create a registration form as as that! I have been searching around but found nothing. I really need some help from "pros" around here.
    How 'm suppose to do that?
    Thanks in advance.

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    its called ajax try to understand it

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    You'll need to learn some type of programming Ajax is a very great language when it comes to logins and anything just like what you want to do. Learn some programming visit google and search for Ajax tutorials or how to's.

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    +1 ajax. It's not a difficult language. If your need help, contact us.

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    You can use AJAX if you don't want the user to leave the web page they're viewing. If you don't mind the submitting user going onto another web page, then just do a regular FORM SUBMIT with the value to the web page that will process the form.

    Not to mention that if you're learning web development then it's a good idea to know how to process form submissions. A basic element of any web site!
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    Well I read some articles about ajax and even tried to use it. But somehow it's too hard for me.
    For example serversfree(dot)com, when you click "signup" it creates a popup to register.
    I opened its html code(of main page) and found many and many scripts. Can someone here grab the code and scripts that are needed to create the same popup as serversfree ones.
    If anyone can, much appreciated!

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