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    what was your first vps provider?

    Hello guys
    let's make some reviews for our first vps provider
    please send your first experience with your first vps provider.
    I think this will help new people who are going to use VPS for first time.
    About me !! my first providers was HostGator and spacerich,
    hostgator is well known, their server were good in this period but so expensive. it cost me $55/m. but I was excited and I can't say more about them now. I know they have changed a lot last years after they have been sold.
    about spacerich is not known for a lot of people here. after some time their site were not accessible in Egypt.
    I send to them a message that I can't access their website so I can't manage the vps and can't pay !! then the site was accessible just for a few days and they block Egypt again from their website. so I transfer to my files to another provider.

    this is my memory about my first VPS providers !!
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    My first vps was with boxslots all them years ago before they fell down the pan, then they went to peanuthosting, and then they went down the pan again, great vps when it was online and working! Shame there not going anymore...

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    my first vps provider is jollyworkshosting used them only 3 months never had any problem and the price was great. not really need any vps now so cancelled it.

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    Hetzner was my first vps provider

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    Have not saved mail before 2005, but in 2005 I used, ExecutiveVPS, EuroVPS and (the first months of 2005).
    Not sure when I did make the change from shared hosting to VPS/dedicated but have had my domain since 1999.
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    My first VPS was a UML instance at "Ultraserver" Hosting.
    They went through all the classic mistakes.

    - Node failures
    - VPS not running
    - Forget disk increase to match plan
    - Mix up base images so I had my original too-small instance back a year later instead of the one i'd been using
    - Losing my data

    The same happened to a friend. He switched to Xencon and had no issues in the years on, and I went with dedicated servers until a year or so back.

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    I think my first was with what is now ServerHub - but that was after I'd already had dedicated servers. I love VPS though, even with a full datacenter at my disposal I use VPS for a hell of a lot!

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    My friend told me about them and I got one, but had no idea how to use it lol
    Some useful tutorials for VPSes...
    Set up an unmanaged Linux VPS to host websites
    (avoid having to pay for cPanel)
    Install a GUI on a Linux VPS with RDP (cheap alternative to paying for a Windows license if you need a basic remote workstation)

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    Getting older is a bitch. I forgot the name of my first one, second one ServInt, still with them after ten years.

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    A couple of years back ( 2008 ) I purchased a VPS from Hivelocity.

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    Many, many years ago... GeekRack -- remember that disaster?
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    Here's another name from the past: Rhyton (last mentioned here in 2003!). They were a solid provider but I was lured away by much more cost-effective plans elsewhere (and I've found some at least equally solid).

    Amazingly, their website still exists with plans and prices that look like they haven't changed at all in the last 10+ years.

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    I think it was Big Scoots or either knownhost. I can't remember. My goodness I am only 18 and this was only a year ago and my memory already sucks hehe

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    My first VPS was a XEN Beta Server from Lunarpages. I was a shared hosting customer at the time, and was invited to their XEN beta. That was back in 2008? 2009?

    After that, BudgetVM for a test box. Never had any real issues with them, although I started reading bad reviews about them, and found a really good coupon for my current host - RamNode - and jumped ship.

    I also use KnownHost for a VPS at work. We needed a CentOS box to host a few company websites, and because of the cost of hardware, it was cheaper to just buy a VPS. Our in-house datacenter has a cost of $10/month minimum for an extra IP. We currently have 8 with Known Host (SSL websites), and pay $85/month total. So that was a no brainer.

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