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    * A quick survey: Feed my curiosity!


    I made a small survey, you can fill it by a simple reply.

    1. What is the main point for you when it comes to buy a VPS?
    2. What is your main problem with your VPS? 3.1 [Optional] (I do not have a VPS) What is the main problem with the VPS Industry?
    3. What would happen if that problem would get solved?
    4. What do you think, what improvement would be the BEST for your VPS (or VPS Industry)?

    If you are already using a VPS, where did you get it?

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    answers :
    1- choosing the best company/location/specifications
    2- overselling or overloaded node
    3- everything will be faster/better
    3- the best improvement is no to overselling

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