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    What company I should choose??

    I have a few days (10) trying to choose but I cant deside.

    I want to be hosting reseller, sell domains and give online support to my future clients.

    the first I found but no good reviews. although the sales support is very kind.
    asked to chat with sales support but no answer
    ---innohosting - - -
    I liked this one has a great price and seems they have good reviews. (checked business plan)
    ---skynethosting - - -
    I was going for innohosting first but when I saw what they're offering looks that I can do everything and easy with them. (checked USA reseller 3).

    what do you think I should choose?. I will not be hosting big traffic sites, mostly local business but I want to be sure to invest in the right plan.

    thanks in advance!

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    If I was in your shoes I'd shortlist innohosting and hostdime.
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    thank you!
    I think I will choose Innohosting, its fits well on my budget although I like that hostdime offers more diskspace but the price is a bit higher...

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    Three last choices you have are very good providers I've seen good reviews here abs there for all. HostDime is very good and reliable inno hosting looks promising. I personally think out of those three you should shortlist it at hostdime and inno hosting both are very reliable and seem to fit your budget. Go with your gut feeling and be sure to share a review with us in the future next month or two about the service you get.

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    Just talked with a Innohosting sales agent like 1:15hr or so, he clears me up every single doubt. Hope to close the deal soon and be sure that Im gonna be here to talk about of my journey as a reseller. Thanks

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    Good luck, drop a review of how your experience is!

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    Good choice, would recommend Innohosting to you as well.
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    Hope it all goes well for you!

    Come back with a review when you can.

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    Good Luck with Innohosting, they are very reliable
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    I must agree that if you want to sell domains you must have certain funds to do it (didnt Know this before but its fair enough)

    I think its important when you are making your budget.

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