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    Services with Best profit margin for reseller in Hong Kong

    I would like to expand the services I provide.

    Would you recommend me whatever is available to resell (White label) that has big profit margin?

    It must be feasible services that people may look for in a Hong Kong IT company like mine.

    Case study 1, I now resell someone DDoS Mitigation service while they give me 25% commission.

    Case study 2, I now sell Dell servers while I get servers from someone who set price at 30% cheaper than the market price.

    Welcome whoever think we have room to cooperate.

    Thanks for your advise.
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    What are the type of clients you're looking to resell to? The profit margin will depend on the service, and how integrated you are with the client. If the client is using your business solely for their IT needs, you can usually get a decent profit margin since you're adding extra value for providing them everything they need.

    What is the profit margin % you're seeking?
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