is proud to be offering a lineup of servers that are ideal for your VPS hosting business, or any other use that requires lots of ram, cpu, and IP addresses.

We are now stocking servers with Dual Quad Core L5520 Xeon CPUs starting at $109 / mo, making for a great entry level VPS node. We are also one of the few hosts offering Dual 6-core L5639 Xeons, offering 12 CPU cores starting at an amazing $129 / mo. Both of these Dual Xeon servers support up to 72gb ram, making them perfect for VPS hosting or other ram-intensive uses. For a limited time, we are offering up to 122 FREE IPs included with these server configurations (with justification).

This offer may not be used to replace any existing service. This offer is first come first serve as supplies are limited.

Order Now:

Dual Quad-Core Xeon L5520 - From $109 / mo -

Dual Six-Core Xeon L5639 - From $129 / mo -

__What are customers like you saying about I/O FLOOD?

Our feedback speaks for itself:

Quote Originally Posted by Jono20201 at
Support is outstanding with Gabe, hes very friendly and has even helped me with things which are way outside of the providers support realm and I should have been charged for the additional support...We have expanded to around 19 services with him.

Quote Originally Posted by sewi
Their services are excellent, and raise the bar of what I've come to expect from unmanaged dedicated server providers. I upgraded hardware once, adding a SSD for performance reasons. The upgrade went very smoothly, Gabriel asked me when we should start, gave an estimate how long it'd take from then on, and how exactly the update would take place, and - well, that's exactly how it happened. No problems at all.

Quote Originally Posted by Feld0
The company behind this awesome new server is I/O Flood. I want to take the time to give a special thanks to Gabe, who has been extremely helpful over the past couple of weeks in getting everything set up and ready to go for us in tip-top shape, offered me an amazing deal, and has gone above and beyond the level of service you'd normally expect from a hosting company.


Base Server Specs:

  • Intel Xeon processor with hyperthreading (Choice of Dual Quad Core L5520 Or Dual Six Core L5639)

  • 16GB DDR3 ram

  • 1x1TB 7200rpm Enterprise Hard Drive

  • 10,000 GB/mo b/w on 1,000mbps port (unmetered inbound)

  • Up to 122 IPs FREE with justification

  • FREE 24/7 IPMI / KVM access

Price: Starting at $109 / mo


Order Now:

Dual Quad-Core Xeon L5520 - From $109 / mo -

Dual Six-Core Xeon L5639 - From $129 / mo -

__Why Choose I/O Flood?

I/O FLOOD exists to help entrepreneurs start and grow successful small businesses. We do this by championing the use of the best tools for the job, by treating people fairly, and by providing high impact help. We just happen to rent servers.

See some of the benefits your hosting business can enjoy by hosting with I/O FLOOD:

  • I/O FLOOD is run by real systems administrators. We love servers, and we love bandwidth. We promise to treat your server like it was our own.

  • No resellers, no middlemen, no nonsense. We own our own servers and run our own network, and wouldn't have it any other way.

  • Unmanaged doesn't have to mean unhelpful. Our experts are happy to assist you with the occasional problem or special request.

  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you're not happy, we'll give you a full refund, no questions asked.


Available upgrades:


32gb: $10 / mo
48gb: $20 / mo
72gb: $50 / mo

Hard Drives:

Upgrade to 1x 120gb SSD: FREE
Upgrade to 1x 256gb SSD: $10 / mo
Upgrade to 1x 512gb SSD: $35 / mo
Upgrade to 3TB 7200 RPM Hard Drive: $5 / mo

Add a 1TB 7200 RPM Hard Drive: $10 / mo each
Add a 3TB 7200 RPM Hard Drive: $15 / mo each
Add a 120GB SSD: $10 / mo each
Add a 256GB SSD: $20 / mo each
Add a 512gb SSD: $45 / mo each


LSI 9271 Hardware Raid with BBU: $50 / mo


20,000 GB /mo outbound on 1,000mbps port (unmetered inbound): $50 / mo

IP Addresses:

13 ips (/28 subnet) free
29 ips (/27 subnet): free (with justification)
61 ips (/26 subnet): free (with justification)
122 ips (two /26 subnets): free (with justification)

VPS and Gaming hosts welcome. For IP justification / approval: email (sales [at]


Configure and Order Your Server:

Dual Quad-Core Xeon L5520 - From $109 / mo -

Dual Six-Core Xeon L5639 - From $129 / mo -


Test IP:
Test URL:
Terms of Service:

All servers are located in our private cage at the PhoenixNap datacenter in Phoenix, AZ.

We accept payments in both Paypal and Credit Card.

To ask us any questions, please email (sales [at]

Or contact me directly:

Gabriel Ramuglia
email: sales [at]
skype: funkywizard
twitter: @ioflood


Need something different? See our entire server lineup at, or contact sales [at] to find out about overstock, cancellations, or special orders.