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    Hi everyone.

    I would like to start a 'small' web hosting business to see if it is something I can actually do and provide my customers with a service worthy of their cash.

    Would ResellerClub be a good starting point for this? I have found numerous reseller hosts, but trying to intergrate them into a wordpress site looks like a nightmare.

    Would appreciate any and all advice.


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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnnyWizard View Post
    but trying to intergrate them into a wordpress site looks like a nightmare.
    What do you mean by this?

    You tried some hosts already but failed because your WP do not work?
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    I mean use a hosting provider for my personal sites and they also offer reseller hosting. But I found trying to integrate clientexec and the domain api into wordpress rather confusing.

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    Look at the hosting forums, and read reviews on web hosts and such, theres so many to choose from you cant realy pick one over the other, all goes down to preferences etc.

    Reseller account -
    Create accounts on it for your personal sites.
    Sell the extra space to customers.

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    i suggest crocweb, i am using them. they are great. i don't know about resellerclub hosting. but haven't saw any bad review so they might not be a bad choice too.

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    Eleven2 - Support can be frustrating, but things rarely go wrong and its nothing a phone call didn't fix. My time there was decent. Free whmcs and cpanel/whm so all in all works out well.
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    Reseller Club's webhosting looks interesting, though I've never tried it.

    Have you tried these 2 plugins for domain name registration and clientexec integration?

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    I myself found ResellerClub's web hosting servers are way too slow to be recommended for any regular site. And it's definitely not worth the kind of money you need to pay for it. I wouldn't recommend to use RC for anything other than domains.

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    Vps Maybe?

    I would recommend maybe something small. Get a VPS with cpanel. Get clientexec or WHMCS for billing.

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    It is easy to integrate Resellerclub with any wordpress site. But you may find it confusing if you are not good at wordpress. I will advice you get an expert to do it for you.
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    I think you should opt for a reseller package only. It's a good way to start your hosting business at a small scaled once you get use to all the terms and stuff you can grow well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wcdservers View Post
    I would recommend maybe something small. Get a VPS with cpanel. Get clientexec or WHMCS for billing.
    VPS is not always good to get started. Also it is very costly compared to reseller hosting.

    Reseller hosting is perfect to start a hosting business.

    Quote Originally Posted by JohnnyWizard View Post
    But I found trying to integrate clientexec and the domain api into wordpress rather confusing.
    You will have same situation/problem with resellerclub hosting also. You can hire a developer to integrate clientExec with a Wordpress theme.

    Never tried ResellerClub hosting, but I will prefer / suggest to get cPanel reseller hosting from any different provider. However, they are best for domain reselling.
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    All depends on the products you want to sell to your end customers. If you are only trying to sell domains and shared hosting, then you can very well choose a provider who provides free domain reseller account when a decent reseller hosting is purchased.

    If you want to sell many products like domains / shared hosting / reseller hosting / email hosting / vps servers / ssl / website builder then you can very well go to reseller club for the same.
    These products can be automated in whmcs using a plugin which is sold by a partner of resellerclub. As a member, you will be able to get it for a 40% discount.

    When i say automated, it means everything from allocation of account to cancellation. So you will have to just focus on your marketing. Saying that, yes their servers are somewhat slow when compared to few other hosts but at the same time it worth a shot.
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    I've not heard of ResellerClub but if you do end up finding a host that fits your budget, I recommend "WHMCS" for your Billing and integrating "cPanel" for your clients to manage there domain(s). You can add Wordpress scripts/plugins within cPanel that will automatically build a Wordpress site for your clients.

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    There are many many reseller web hosts here on WHT and even more on other sites etc... I suggest you try a few out by doing this I don't mean purchase service from them but rather shot them a couple questions in a ticket and see what their answers look like. Now this can be very basic questions things like do they allow overselling or private name servers. Even ask where are their server located and ask for download speed tests. Get an ip to ping from them. Doing this with many different hosts will narrow down your search and choices by hosts. Be sure to even check for reviews on the provider before signing up with then z

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    I believe resellerclub has provide a good API for web integration, however you need to know how the API work and coding, this should be easy thing to do for most advance programmer.

    I suggest you find one.
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