Hi all,

I have a small office network with no server. Just 5 desktop Windows 7 computers and 2 network printers, all setup as a Windows Homegroup network. Regarding network hardware I have the following:

ISP Modem > Gigabit Router Draytek 2130 > Gigabit Switch TP-Link TL-SG1005D

I also have a Western Digital My Book Live connected using Gigagit LAN to my router. This is where all the desktop pcís save information. Itís used as our company shared hard drive.

Regarding Jumbo Frames, I donít know exactly what they are and if they will bring any advantage on my network. I also donít know if my Draytek router and TP-link switch support Jumbo Frames.

So my request to anyone who is reading this, is to explain in a simple way what are Jumbo Frames and if on my current network setup enable them will bring me any advantages and/or benefits?

Also please try to tell me if my Draytek Router and TP-Link Switch both support Jumbo frames.