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    Windows Homegroup Network Should I use Router IP or ISP as DNS Servers?


    At my small office network I dont have any server. I have 5 x windows 7 PCs and 2 x network printers, all setup and connected using Windows 7 build in Homegroup network feature.

    In terms of network hardware I have the following setup:
    ISP Router with IP: > LAN > WAN > My Own Draytek 2130 Router (IP: > TP-Link Unmanaged Gigabit Switch

    My ISP router does not allow bridge or to be be set just as a modem. So I have a double NAT problem and to minimize this problem impact I have activate DMZ on my ISP Router pointing to my Draytek Router IP.

    Some of the computers connect directly to the Draytek router and the printers and other PCs, connect directly to the TP-Link switch.

    Regarding DNS servers, my ISP Router is set to use my ISP default DNS servers (that by the way are very fast in my area).

    Now I need help and advice on how to setup the rest of my DNS server on the Draytek Router and PCs. About this I have the following questions:

    1- On the Draytek router, should I set the DNS to be:

    a) Set to automatic get dns servers from WAN connection
    b) Manually define my ISP DNS servers (the same that are being used on the ISP Router)
    c) Manually define my ISP Router IP ( as the only DNS server?

    2- On the Draytek router DHCP is disabled, so all PCs have to be manually set with Static IPs and DNS settings. As said before all the network is connected using Windows Homegroup. So on the DNS network settings on each PC, what should I set on DNS servers section:

    a) Both my ISP DNS servers IPs
    b) Just my Draytek Router IP (
    c) Just my ISP Router IP (
    d) Both my Draytek and ISP Router IPs ( +


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    Connect the Draytek to a standard port on the ISP router not the wan port and let the ISP router act as DHCP server. Do not assign the Draytek to a different subnet, in fact you can let it get the address automatically. No need to assign network settings on the PCs.

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