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    chnage of IP address for a VPS

    I am runing an unmanged VPS . Now company gave me a new IP number which must be replaced by old one. I receive
    following information:
    IP Address:
    CIDR prefix:
    I am not an expert and this is first time, i am going to make such change. I have gone though the tutorial send by hosting company. But could not find any place in WHM where i can make these change except Ip address under BASIC CONG of WHM.

    Can any one help me by telling the link and steps, how i could perform this using WHM?

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    If your company gave your the IP for a reason and delete your old one (with out ask for IP) the is company responsibility to add this ip on your server.

    Add your ip on your vps panel first, then add this ip on your server networkconfig file
    and then restart your WHM and your new IP will be there.
    Contact with me if you have problems

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    problem solved

    thanks to all for advise & suggestion. Specially to bukzrock
    May check my sites now.

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    Glad to hear that this is solved. We can do this by replacing the ip info on certain files from backend.
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