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    * Beam Servers - Terrible Service, Uptime, Support and Security

    This is an event that actually happened about 4+ months ago but I have decided to make this thread as I have just received another random invoice from them although they canceled my service.

    So I way paying for their 2.99 service that includes:
    10 GB Space
    1 TB Bandwidth
    Unlimited Subdomains
    Unlimited FTP Accounts
    10 Addon Domains
    10 E-mail Accounts
    10 MySQL Databases
    Netherlands (NL) Location
    Latest cPanel
    24/ 7 Dedicated Support
    99.9% uptime guaranteed
    7 Days Money Back Guarantee
    CloudLinux & Nginx
    Daily Backups
    Free migration
    Premium Softaculous
    (sorry I cant use any Forum code)

    I was getting about 70% uptime, and I thought maybe they where just going through a bad patch. but this happened repeatedly for hours sometimes and they just kept complaining about a HDD failure which I think is utter BS because if they where using SMART Disk checking they should rarely ever get problems. not only this but I was told many times I was getting DDOSed, when really all that was happening was I had 10 users on my site at a time and according to these guys that is way too much.

    after all of this I was pretty pissed but I still stuck around until this happened:
    My website was closed first then when >I< contact them they tell me that my site has a "security issue" it turns out that due to their own negligence a hacker had hacked into servers/Admin panel and had put a PHP backdoor onto my entire website. I was told this was my fault and I asked them to check my website for issues. after about 3 hours of them "checking" they found nothing. then I only learned of the hacker doing these attacks after he had actually hacked my site/Forum and we made friends and he told me all about what he had done.

    So thats my gripe about

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    sorry to hear about your experience but you get what you pay for.

    you shouldn't have expected so much for 3 bucks a month, regardless of what they promised you.

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    Yeah this is pretty cheap for all of what they are promising.

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    Sounds painful.

    Could you elaborate I how you were able to work out that the malware was because a hacker had invaded the whole server, as distinct from them exploiting a security hole in the code for just your site?

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    James I cant quote because I don't have 5 posts, could you reiterate your question?

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