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    Help please on Website design

    Greetings All;
    I have been working on my website it is a Word Press website. At present it is in a single column format or full page design, the site is a photographic website so images are everything. As it now stands the front page (main page) contains all of the new images loaded to the website however after a time the best of these images are moved to a pull down called “Portfolio”and displayed in a gallery.
    I have a couple of questions that I hope that might get answered?

    #1 I have used another website as a general design tool, it is he was using a two column design however he has now gone to a three column design. At present all of my images are 90 x 593 pixels in size and I prefer them to be large even through they take up a lot of space and slow down loading. However while I say this I have still free room on the main page and my thinking is to go to a two column design. I would want the images to take up maybe 2/3 of the with of the page and have links or other things placed in the second column. Thoughts please and what problems might I run into?

    #2 My question is about having a Blog, SEO is much more dependent on text than it is on images. It would I believe be to my advantage to provide Blog information about photography and in particular HDR photography. My question is should I have a Blog pull down from the menu or incorporate the Blog into the main page with the images as per “Stuck in Customs”?

    Thoughts please

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    Both your questions are good ideas to update your website. expecialy for 2 it is very good for you to add some more text. Do not forget the text on your images also.

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    It is a good idea to update your site. About 1 you have to consider some things first of which is the user experience. The two column layout in my opinion best suits your needs. If you have the whole menu on the left with all of the links users wont have to scroll to go to the top and it will help ease the access.About the second question it very important to put in enough text not only in the blog but also with each picture becouse this greatly helps with the search optimisation. I think it is best to put your blog in a separate directory in the main menu this way it can cover more topics than the specific picture someone is viewing and thus also help with the SEO.
    I wish you a nice day and good luck with your site.

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