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    Want to sell small business

    * I'm looking to sell my business:
    1 Node with 2 VPS running with it as the following:
    1- for running hosting
    2- for main hosting site

    * Owned WHMCS licenses (need to be renewed)
    * Unique WHMCS theme (worth $600)

    please PM for more details.
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    how many user you have?what is their payment periods?monthly,yearly,....? - Managed and Unmanaged Virtual & Dedicated Server|XenServer Windows & Linux VPS
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    USD Currency
    Monthly: $160.73USD (37)
    Quarterly: $32.39USD (5)
    Semi-Annually: $463.02USD (5)
    Annually: $3354.16USD (127)
    Biennially: $53.29USD (2)
    Triennially: $43.20USD (1)
    Est. Annual: $6379.57USD

    Paypal, Most of them monthly payment.
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    Of those users, what is the split of packages?
    Are all/most of the accounts US based users?

    Can you confirm, are we talking about 3Mints?
    Also, how many domains are you holding and where are they held?

    BeDot Media Group UK Domain name registration and Cloud hosting.
    From domain names to web hosting, email and website solutions, we can get your website online.
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    Most ordered package is 5GB

    Most of clients from Asia, US, and few from Europe.
    Yes we are talking about 3Mints.

    Most of the clients did not register the domain through me, anyway i've around 50 domains. They are in Resello
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    Please contact me at bytemanmp at gmail dot com
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    what do you want to know more Mr.bytemanmp ?
    if you have an offer please PM with it.
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    How much are you paying for your VPS's and can they be transferred to the buyer.

    PM won't work for me because I only have two posts and five are required before I can use PM.
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    I'm paying for the Node around $120.
    i will give you full details, and it is up to you if you want transfer it or not.
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    To confirm, the domain, brand name and website come along with the deal. How long have you been in business and how long have your clients been with you? And where are you located?
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    Quote Originally Posted by bytemanmp View Post
    To confirm, the domain, brand name and website come along with the deal. How long have you been in business and how long have your clients been with you? And where are you located?
    Yes +
    i'm in business since 2008 and 3Mints and showed get organized in 2010, i located in Saudi Arabia. I've clients since 2010 still running their site with me.
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    As I see you acquired this company, probably saw it was not a good investment and now decide to pull out of it . This fact will affect your buyout price to be honest.

    PS. This opinion is based on opened threads from your profile. As I see most numbers from your old thread matches the ones from WHMCS summary here.
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    Sold, And payment received.
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