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    Question Affordable, low-footprint antivirus for Windows VPS

    in general I would avoid installing antivirus on a server, but since it will be used over a VPN connection now from not always perfectly clean guests I'd like to have at least some additional layer of protection.

    So I'm in need of a good, low memory-footprint (so not Symantec, aye?), low cost antivirus product to install on this VPS. Most of the products I've seen so far start at 5+ licenses, while I need 1 only.
    I also thought about using ClamWin, but don't feel very comfortable with it.

    btw: yes it has to be a Windows server and don't worry too much, I've got a fully managed one.


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    Eset/Nod32 maybe?
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    what I've seen on their homepage ESET also starts with 5 seats.

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    Microsoft Security Essentials

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    +1 for NOD32..
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    Quote Originally Posted by badboyx View Post
    Microsoft Security Essentials
    won't work on a server OS, the (quite expensive) alternative is Microsofts System Center Endpoint Protection.

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