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    I need dedicated server of ecommerce site

    Hi I need help if anyone can offer or direct me to any link for dedicated server for running multi vendor ecommerce site? Budget only $60 per month if have plesk 10 domain thats better.. and if I can get any xeon with min 8 gb ram 2 hdd and 2 ips. And good latency for asian ( malaysia ) thanks for any help and sorry my bad english

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    60$ is not going to do it including PLESK. You should at least double the budget.
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    check on server4u , they have plesk 10 domain free with every server.
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    If you do not sell hosting, you can just use ISPConfig for your control panel. It is free.
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    I was looking control panel that work woth nginx like what plesk do.. thanks I will check server4u asap.. any more suggestions? Or offer?

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    cPanel, why not go with a VPS?

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    Im using vps at this moment with 2gb ram 4 core . Plesk..

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