On my network I have a Draytek 2130 router that has no wireless and now I need to have wireless on my office. I know I can just buy a access point and connect it to my Draytek router, but in order to save costs, and also because I have an extra wireless router TP-Link TL-WR1043ND, im thinking on turning this wireless router into a access point.

I have already found on the web, instructions on how to turn my router TP-Link TL-WR1043ND wireless router on a access point. I also now that it should connect directly LAN to LAN to my Draytek router.

Because im a novice on this kind of network setups, I need some help and advices. Bellow I leave my questions:

1- Regarding turning my TP-Link TL-WR1043ND Router into just an Access Point, will this work ok? Or will be better for be to buy a dedicated Access Point? Pros vs Cons?

2- Regarding DHCP, its turned OFF on my Draytek router, because all devices on my network use a manual static IP configuration. So on the TP-Link access point, should turn DHCP, ON or OFF?

3- Regarding Firewall, its turned ON on my Draytek router. So on the TP-Link access point, should turn the Firewall, ON or OFF?

4- If on the previous question (question 2), your response / advice was for me to leave the Firewall on the TP-Link access point turned ON, should I set some kind of extra settings on my network, in order for both the Draytek 2130 router and the TP-Link access point Firewalls can be both turned ON without conflict or problems? Should I set the TP-Link access point as a DMZ on the Draytek router? Should I open any extra ports? Please advice me on this to ensure maximum security and performance.

5- Regarding UPnP, its turned ON on my Draytek router. So on the TP-Link access point, should turn the UPnP, ON or OFF?

6- Regarding IP settings, the Draytek router uses: So on the TP-Link access point should I use or Or should I use an, IP from a different class, as for example:

If to respond to any of my question you need any further information, fell free to ask.