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    Aperture Host / ... thumbs down

    Aperture Host / / Michael McRae (MikeTrike here on WHT)/

    I've used this company for shared hosting for several years for a non critical website. In that time there have been numerous problems such as billing problems, email not working, downtime, involuntarily changing the passwords, moving the accounts to a new server and screwing up the transition resulting in parts of the site not working, but Mike was always quick to respond to tickets and because he seems like a nice kid (I assume), I've kept the site there.

    A week and a half ago, I submitted a ticket. About 24 hours later, the ticket was finally answered, albeit with incorrect information. I replied back. 48 hours had passed and no reply and the ticket was closed. I opened up a new ticket. No reply. I PMed him on this forum. No reply.
    I tried calling that phone number, it's just a voicemail. In fairness it has always just been voicemail. A pet peeve of mine. I mean really, if you're going to offer telephone support and publish a phone number, it should at least be an actual line that gets answered not some google voice bs. Even EIG answers the phone, not that you should look to them for web hosting business consulting.

    I hope he's ok but I give up.
    Sorry you had to have your first negative review over a $4/mo shared hosting account but if you can't manage to support that, why would anyone trust you with anything else?

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    Not sure if it makes a difference to the overall issue or if you even care to say, but what was the ticket regarding?
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    Yikes 24 - 48 hours is a very long time for a ticket reply, maybe they have a small team and a medium clientθle. I hope they can get back to you either here or on the ticket with a explanation and help you out.

    If you are moving from them, hope you have a better experience elsewhere.
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    Seems as though you have a genuine problem. A lot of bad reviews are simple annoyed customers jumping ship and running to complain publicly before they even try and sort it out with the hosting company. However this doesn't sound good. 48 hours waiting time isn't good, looks bad for the Aperture Host. Hope someone gets back to you soon and sorts this out!

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    Seems you like you actually gave them a lot of leeway. Without any communication what else can you do. | 10+ Years of Web Hosting Experience!
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    I hope you have already downloaded a backup to your pc if you are still with them

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    Its a shame you had bad experience with this host, I am quite disappointed seeing as they seem like a well established host.
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    Sounds like a one man thing who either lost interest, or just is going through something.. But service is everything in this industry, and you have been apparently very lenient with this company and gave him a good chance. Hope to see you have better luck in the future.
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