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    IPAM, DNS, Registry Account Management Tools

    I run a small cluster of hosts, in a datacenter - hosting multiple virtual machines for various projects and customers. Getting ready to do some infrastructure updates, starting with management tools.

    I'm wondering what people use these days for (besides text files and spreadsheets) for IP address and DNS record management. (For me) the ideal tool would be:
    - open source
    - manage IP addresses across all servers
    - manage DNS records, including:
    -- tracking/updating registry accounts through an API (e.g., update contact info, nameservers for a domain, etc.)
    -- manage DNS records (including monitoring/updating the nameservers)

    Anybody have tools to recommend?


    Miles Fidelman

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    Depending on what control panel you use to host the virtual systems. I know whmcs has a 3rd party module for managing ips and bandwidth, hostbill has its own IPAM module.

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    I never used this, but I was looking around the other day and stumbled across it, not sure if it's going to meet your needs, looks promising none the less.

    Also see:
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    We use NIPAP for IP management across a rather large fleet of servers without issues.

    It doesn't offer RDNS integration, we have scripts that automatically generate those initially and then clients can update them from the portal if need be.
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