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    Anyone here use What happened to these guys?

    Lately I've been receiving past invoices from them that I've already paid. When I email back ([email protected] or [email protected]) my email bounces back.

    When I login to their support page, I get an SSL connection error.

    I was going to end my account with them anyway, but I'm not even sure how I can do that now.

    I did a google search but no one has mentioned anything about these guys since 2010.

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    That doesn't sound good that emails are bouncing back. You may want to check the who-is record to see who you can contact about your hosting there.

    Let us know any updates on this.
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    That email address is in their "solutions" page, so I would say IT IS indeed worrying it is bouncing back!

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    Even stranger...Around November they could no longer process my credit card. I had to pay via Paypal instead. And no, there's nothing wrong with my card.

    Anyway, thanks for the replies. I'll followup on the Whois later today.

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