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    Let us introduce ourselves. Ethernet Servers was founded with two goals in mind - to provide secure and high availability hosting solutions. We provide cPanel Shared Hosting as well as OpenVZ VPS Plans All cPanel Hosting & VPS plans can be instantly upgraded or downgraded (upon payment). With our 30 day money back guarantee you have nothing to worry about if we don't satisfy your requirements. Ethernet Servers has been built around the concept of self-managed solutions. This isn't because we're lazy and don't want to help, it's because we're targeting a specific audience and those people do not want to overpay for hosting - which is exactly where our hosting fits in. We have a small team of dedicated individuals, based in different parts of the world to ensure that we're able to provide support around-the-clock. All of our team members have either owned, or worked at a hosting company in the past and so are all experienced within the industry. We've developed a number of in-house solutions to keep things afloat, 24/7 such as automatic A&R (Alert & Response) systems to handle with certain issues that may come up.

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    It's for people who are looking to build up some extra income and willing to do so in an honest and legitimate manor. For example, if you have a blog, website, forum, whatever it may be, it could be as simple as placing your unique referral link somewhere (i.e. in the footer) on your site and, depending on your site's traffic (and your luck!), watching the income roll in! We reward those well who support us by bringing us customers which you'll see when you join us - there are no hidden suprises.

    Who isn't this programme for?
    It isn't for people who aren't willing to be honest. For example, referring yourself is not considered honest, and if you do this, we will remove you from our affiliate programme and revoke any possibility to earn money from the programme. If you work hard, we'll return the favour - rest assured. For those people who meet our requirements, the rewards get even better.

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    *Only applies to affiliates who reach 5 or more customers referred that stayed for 60 days or more each. You must have been an affiliate for at least 60 days.

    Q: How can I cash out/withdraw my earnings?
    A: We can send you your earnings via PayPal or issue you an account credit which can be used to buy services from us.

    Q: How many affiliate accounts can I have?
    A: We allow one (1) affiliate account per person.

    Q: What happens if someone I refer leaves/cancels before 60 days is up?
    A: That's unfortunate however if this does happen, you will not be rewarded/compensated for the referral - sorry!

    Q: If I refer someone, do I get control over their account/billing?
    A: No, ownership & management of the account will belong to the customer who signed up.

    Q: Can I swap a PayPal payment or account credit for something else?
    A: At this time, we do not other any other form of reward, so no, sorry!

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    Do you have a question? Please send us an email on [email protected]
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