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    Replace MySQL data

    I have a MySQL table that has about 105,000 records.

    PHP Code:
    CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `tbl_message_log` (
    pk_record_idint(11NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,
    fk_user_idint(11) DEFAULT NULL,
    messagevarchar(640) DEFAULT NULL,
    message_recipientvarchar(25) DEFAULT NULL,
    PRIMARY KEY (`pk_record_id`) 
    I want to replace all the records of the column "message" with a customer text 'This is a test mess'+the 'fk_user_id' in this case the 100th record will be filled with a text "This is a test mess 100"

    How can I do it using SQL commands in PHPmyadmin?

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    If there is nothing already in the field for all record set you could delete that column then re instate it and set the default to the required text message.

    Or just run an sql statement to update that column and run it through an incrementing loop.

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    update tbl_message_log set message = replace(message,message,CONCAT('This is a test mess ',fk_user_id));

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