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    [For Hire] System Admin, Developer, Customer Service

    Summary of skills:
    • Web hosting including Shared/Reseller/VPS/Dedicated Hosting - Apache
    • Domain Registration & Management using BIND
    • Web Hosting Technical Support
    • cPanel/WHM Server Management & Administration
    • Linux expertise (fedora centOS)
    • PHP based scripts
    • Presales/Sales/Billing Support
    • Web Hosting Technical Support L1/2
    • Working knowledge of HostbillApp/WHMCS/ClientExec
    • Web Design, Development & SEO (manage a fleet of websites available upon request)
    • Multi-Tasking expert!


    I am a father of 3 who recently lost his job due to downsizing. I am looking for a telecommuting job to enable me to stay home and work, due to my wifes illness (Progressive Multiple Sclerosis)

    I have extensive knowledge of hardware and software issues throughout windows based PC's. I have built every computer I and my wife own. I setup and maintain my home network of 5 computers my fathers home network of at the very least 4 computers at his home and 3 at his Church next door , including a networked Xerox machine

    I run my own webserver off a headless linux mint computer in my basement. Fully decked out with apache, sql php5 and all the bells and whistles that accompany them!

    I have great knowledge of Java, php, css, html, javascript. I am no professional but learn quickly when i have the need! I understand programming logic, have no problem reading and interpreting code. Debugging issues is a breeze for me!

    I am an avid gamer who likes to tinker with his games making modifications for personal use, and frankly just for fun!
    I also help setup and run tech support for exilecomputergaming in upstate NY who runs 100+ person Lan parties every 3-6 months. Helping users connect to the network and providing basic gaming related tech support, as well as securing sponsors promotion and interacting with the community VIA various social media sites (facebook, reddit, twitter and so on) as well as placing flyers strategically (coffee shops, cyber cafes, comic book shops)

    I am highly involved in the gaming community and keep up with the newest tech trends! technology is my life! I have no qualms with social interaction and sales, though prefer not the have my pay based solely on commission.

    I have extensive experience in order processing, billing and accounts payable.

    I am looking for fulltime work, with fulltime pay I am available anytime via email [email protected] on skype (username lordlunchington). I will not consider any job that requires a "one time investment", I am not looking for a startup unless it is gaming related and serious about itself (personal blogs and "lets play" series i do not consider serious). I am a family man I have no investment money at this time!

    Further details including references, resume and personal contact information available upon request!

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    Please send your resume and salary expectation to: James+Resume [at]

    Note to others: Please do not send unsolicited resumes to me as they'll be ignored.
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