Ladies and Gentlemen, Corgi Tech are now able to offer Co-location services out of our UK Location.

Our Racks are located at the RapidSwitch Facility located in London (Maidenhead).

Test Speeds and IP's can be found here :

Now on to the offer:

1U Space
0.5 Amps (Dual Redundant Power)
100Mbit Uplink (Dual Redundant Uplinks)
5TB Bandwidth
/29 IPv4 Space
IPv6 Available on Request

49 / month


Per 1U Space : 10 / Month
0.1 Amps : 10 / Month
5TB Bandwidth: 20 / Month
Additional Uplink: 5 / Month
Extra IPv4 addresses : 1 per IP / Month
Upgrade to 1Gbit Uplink: 15 / Month

Month to Month Contract. 24 Hour setup time from delivery.

If you're interested in the above please contact us here for any questions or to place an order: