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    Lightbulb From Wordpress to Different Script

    Hello mates, I have a wordpress article site with 100.000 articles and 6 GB database. I am having problem with its high database querries.

    I want to migrate it to a new script and system like

    You will migrate my wordpress to this script 's, You will only carry articles inside posts, no images, no tags or else....

    You will carry my wordpress url 's to new script 's url. No URL looses. They said we can do it like here

    You will optimize my database and clean dublicate posts and optimize database for lowest querry limits.

    I am looking for professional php & mysql programmers

    Any1 can do it pls add my skype : ab128615 or [email protected]


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    I think need to look to another way , handling so much data any script will make pressure to database . there is no magic . So need look to follow directions :

    1. use memcached ( seem wordpress have extention to do this , is fantastic to speed up )

    2. if not enough - use replication ( have 2, 3, 4, 5 database servers )

    3. use few application servers managing it using ngnix . ngnix also may cache some pages for some time .

    new scripts may be not faster if not use above . just mover from one headache to another .
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