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    * Shared Hosting Review (3 years & still positive)

    I've been with for 3 years now on the smallest shared plan. It is by far the best host I've ever had. Uptime has been at 99.999% (I have all my websites monitored with The speed has always been very fast, even on my active forum website.

    But most importantly, the support and service has been phenomenal. Ticket response time has routinely been 15 minutes or less, all hours of the day. I've had hosts in the past where my site went offline between 2am - 9am and no one was there to fix the problem or respond to my ticket.

    Whenever they perform an upgrade, they give you lots of advanced notice. And even then, I haven't seen any upgrade that actually resulted in my website being offline, everything has been really smooth.

    They even send out emails when your WordPress version is out-of-date and open to security vulnerabilities.

    I read a review here about a dude complaining his website was "hacked". Unless you read every line of code in a WP plugin, you have absolutely no idea if there is a back-door in there. If you're running an e-commerce or for-profit website, I would highly suggest using the least amount of WP plugins as possible. As well, you may want to stick to premium/paid plugins, or even develop them on your own. You can have absolutely no expectation of security if you don't do your due diligence.

    My WP website was hacked before too, because of a backdoor in the NextGen Gallery Plugin (hint: everyone and their cat was using that plugin at the time, and we all were "hacked").

    As a web developer myself, with years and years of experience, I know without a doubt that the team at stablehost has some of the best network admins in the industry. The way they've run the company the duration that I've been with them, it is clear that they know what they are doing. And from all the experiences I've had throughout the years, with many many hosts, I can tell you that is hard to find.
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    Thank you for sharing your detailed review. StableHost is really stable hosting provider. Kudos to StableHost team
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    Thanks for sharing!

    Please make sure to report your domain so the moderators can verify this review

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    Yea this good services and review. Thanks you for share with us

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    Thanks for sharing your experiences with us about your current provider . Glad to hear that your site is in healthy hands sounds like they have a well put together foundation that is strong .
    Please do come back in the future and share how this experience still goes forth.

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    i love stablehost as well! i have a reseller account with them and they've been great since the first day.

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    I completely agree with Euklid. Stablehost is the best for me. I have been with them for 5 months and I am very happy with them. Server speed, Support team, sales - everything is just superb.

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    Can only agree on what your saying ! +1 for stablehost

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    Yes, Many customer are facing this issue Wordpress. I just want say that dont use any infected plugins or modules that provide a backdoor to those hackers creating a mess on your hosting account.
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    Stablehost is great, specially with the up time, which is one of the most important things.

    Yet as always no provider is perfect. I'm surprised that I haven't seen in any review that they are not that great with the support/reply "time", you can wait hours on hold, if not left with a desire for a better support (the sentiment of disappointment, maybe anger).

    But that's just my opinion. I have tested almost anybody in this market, so I have seen better support.

    I do recommend them since they hold to the "stable" name, and they were good at the time I used them.

    A few days ago I recommended them personally to another developer in the area, I even walked him into their website and explained every feature, and why they were better vs GoDaddy for example.

    Kudos to stablehost.

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