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    Question Ready to launch another Awesome Backlink Analysis App - Server config suggestion Req


    we are developing a new web based Backlink analysis application like ahrefs,majesticseo,cognitiveseo,etc with $$$$$ budget using following main modules like :

    1. On-demand Depth link analysis ( analyze and generate backlink history,metrics,etc reports )
    2. Analyze site Architecture and troubleshoot possible issues with Google algorithm releases ( protocol to diagnose and create suggestions)
    3. Finding website owners contacts from many different sources,etc
    4. much more...

    As far as we know this kind of business model require high performance server with much more memory to fetch million of analysis queries within very few seconds.need expert advice to select & build right server for this business.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Application/Script execution mostly depends on CPU performance with high speed disks to keep the iowait low and keep the operation running smooth. RAM memory will be needed depending on the number of process threads and child dependencies the application runs with.

    If your app is designed to run on a burstable, small sporadic periods of time, then you would be fine running it on a VPS. But if you require it to run on a 24/7 basis, then a dedicated server will suit you better.

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