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    Remote Technical Support Available


    I am looking for a remote support job. My areas of expertise are listed below.

    1) Experience in managing Web Servers, Mail Servers and Database Servers

    2) Experience in Windows: Windows Server 2003, 2008, IIS 6.0, IIS 7.0, Microsoft DNS, MSSQL 2005, Mail Enable.

    3) Experience in Linux: CentOS, Apache, MySQL, Qmail, Exim, VPS

    4) Control Panels cPanel, Plesk, Helm, Virtuozzo

    5) Experience in WHMCS

    6) Technical support to client & customers through email

    7) Server auditing and Performance Tuning

    8) Software Installation and Troubleshooting

    9) Kernel Recompilation

    10)Security Audits, Tracing DDOS attacks, spamming and hacking attempts

    11) New Server Setup, Server restoration and Account transfer

    12) Installation and configuration of packages, security applications etc.

    13) Write/debug shell programs for cron, security checking, backup, etc.

    14) Work with control panels like Cpanel , Plesk, Webmin etc.

    15) Troubleshoot and solve server problems regarding security, mail, DNS, Apache, firewall, spamming, hacking, spoofing etc.

    16) Security audits: Detection of vulnerabilities and securing Servers.

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