At we specialize in giving you the best experience as possible, we offer competitive pricing, a first class control panel, superb customer support, and company owned hardware to host your servers. Also note we're a fully incorporated business.

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Currently we accept PayPal, and Stripe.

Our servers are currently located in 6 global locations: Los Angeles CA, Seattle WA, Dallas TX, New York NY, Chicago IL, and The Netherlands (EU) . We have players from all over the world (Australia, Norway, UK, USA, Thailand, etc.) that have said the performance is great and lag free. Below are our test servers: Los Angeles, CA Location Seattle, WA Location Dallas, TX Location New York, NY Location Amsterdam, NL Location Chicago, IL Location

If you're looking for a dedicated server we provide top-notch dedicated servers.

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Prices starting from as low as $4.95 per month.

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Our servers support using Craftbukkit, Tekkit, Feed The Beast, Voltz, pixelmon, and any other multiplayer mods. You just need to put in a ticket for Jar access. (Note our gravel plan doesn't support mods)

At, we put performance and our client's satisfaction first before everything else. We do this by owning all of the hardware our servers are hosted on! This is something we have done since the start. Since we own all our hardware we know what it's capable of, as well as what is running on it. We always keep extra ram available on our boxes so nothing gets overloaded. All of this along with first class networks to make sure performance is top notch for all players.

If you have any questions feel free to open a pre-sales ticket

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