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    * Looking for Dedicated - Proxmox VE


    I'm looking for a cheap (<$50) US based dedicated server to run Proxmox VE, host only KVM guests.
    Does anyone have any suggestions?

    Waiting for help if you have found a low-priced stock.


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    I am not sure about US based, the only two I can think of are OVH and Hetzner and even then I don't think you're going to get something which supports virtualisation for below $50. I think you really will struggle to find something on that tight budget. I think you are going to need to look at around $100 in my opinion but I am prepared to be proved wrong!

    What is it needed for? What sort of performance are you looking for?

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    You might need to increase your budget.

    I hope you are not intending to sell vps with that budget?
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    I agree, I'd hope on that budget it would be for a personal project as opposed to selling on to customers.

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    @ufhosting_Leon & net

    I just need to run a few KVM Guest on Proxmox VE for educational purpose only, maybe you can give me advice if you have found dedicated with price range $50 to $100?

    Thanks in advance

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    My suggestions of OVH and Hetzner still stand, I think they are your best options for something cheap. You can get a 4th Gen i7 4770 which is a solid desktop CPU and 32GB of DDR3 ram on Hetzner for €49/mo which whilst is not USA its a very good price. You may have additional costs such as additional RIPE IP's. But I think that is where I would start looking

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    If you can increase your budget by ~$20 you should open yourself up to a lot of good quality budget providers.
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    In France, you should have a look at, they have really good configurations like E3-1230v2, 16GB of DDR3 memory, 2x 1TB SATA for only 35.99 per month :-)

    Not far from US, OVH is a nice provider too.

    You can also try their network from


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