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    WHMCS only for hosting?

    I am wondering if WHMCS is only for hosting or can it be used for other business types successfully?

    I am setting up a website that requires the following functionality and am wondering if WHMCS is customisable enough to be useful:

    • unlimited clients (I mean thousands)

    • each client gets their own portal (client area)

    • Ability to integrate programs into the client portal.

    If anyone has used WHMCS for a business other than hosting I would be happy to hear about their experiences.


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    You can use WHMCS for other business types. If you are willing maybe you should tell us a little more about the business. Maybe we can recommend a better script that would fit your needs better than WHMCS for a non-hosting business.
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    You can use any billing system for anything, however it depends on the modules / features you need.

    - Support system
    - Ordering system
    - Domain modules (If you sell domains)
    - Hosting modules (If you do sell hosting)
    - Licensing module (If you sell licenses)
    - Download module (If you sell digital content / files)
    - Knowledge base (If you want to do a area where clients can find answers).

    Then it goes down to security, how important customer data is, you'll need to keep it up-to date.
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    ...Ability to integrate programs into the client portal.
    WHMCS certainly can be used as a hub for your client base, though you'll find it's definitely been tailored for the hosting industry, and to some extent, design/development businesses.

    As was mentioned, if you can elaborate on this, some of us may know of something out there that's even better for your own business model. There are tons of 'em out there for grabs.
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    well the business model is something like a lost dog service.

    People who own dogs register their dogs with our website, then if the dog is lost and found, the person who finds it goes to the website and enters the rego number on the collar and the report goes straight to the registered owner of the dog.

    There is also a need for a test feature where the registered owner can set up questions on hgow to look after the dog, and send their kids a link to the test so they can do it and the results are emailed back to the owner.

    Obviously this isnt the business but it explains the basics needs.

    Would WHCMS be useful for this or is there a better "out of the box" solution out there somewhere?


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